Tim Hinck's thoughts on music and life- There is a lady living across the street from me. She is dying of cancer. I have never seen anyone so full of life and energy. She loves to work outside in the flowers and grass of her yard. I can see her savoring every sunny day... the way she stands up from planting a flower bulb with such satisfaction on her face and claps the dirt from her gloves with resolution. I want to be like that lady.

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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

I am a basil

I was sitting here staring at the window where my two basil plants are trying to catch a few rays when I suddenly realized that I had a lot in common with these plants. We're both continually expanding and growing, but we're both sadly over-ambitious. These plants can suddenly shoot up several inches, but then if I forget to water them for just one day they fall, pathetically slumped over the sides of the pots. But I suppose that the most striking parallel between my character and the basil plant is that in some ways we lack identity. Or rather, we have multiple identities. The basil plant is at home in the Italian kitchen, but also sneaks its way into the Asian kitchen and blends right in. Browsing through my photos the other day I noticed that they are a mis-matched collection of rock-climbing pictures and 17th century organ keyboards. I'm not exactly certain that this is a character flaw or even a benefit, but it has made my life somewhat more complicated than necessary. But then again, I've often thought that I wouldn't be half the musician I am today if I wasn't also a mountain man.

(not exactly basil... but the leafy shutters on the organ case in Oosthuizen, 1521)


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