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Saturday, May 27, 2006

Training and Banking

i did lots of fun things this week including working a second day on my project-climb in the climbing gym in den Haag. i had to go to den Haag to close my old bank account and open a new one, but of course the real reason to stick around town was to hit my project with my climbing buddy devon. his dad (devon's dad and mom are visiting all week) came with us to the gym and took some pics and video of both of us climbing. the climb is a rad 50-foot route up the steepest wall, and 5.12b in difficulty. the route was obviously built by a tall dutch guy, because it involves a lot of dynamic jumps and "just barely" reaches for me.

the second time i tried it i fell 4 times before doing all the moves. there are only about 2 or 3 big holds on the route and not really any big enough to stop and shake out. i'm hoping to cut my falls down to only one or two when i go back on monday. david and lorelei will be with us, so i'm hoping to get more video and put a little clip together of me working this route. it's a lot of fun, and at least it keeps me motivated.

today i got my new bank-card in the mail. the mailman brought it personally, and i had to show I.D. and sign for it.

besides that, i am on the last few lines of the Trio-Sonate i'm writing. i hope it's finished in time for our rehearsal on monday.


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