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Wednesday, February 01, 2006


Jeremiah and I like to take pictures of ourselves in mirrors. I don't know if this is a psychological imbalance or some kind of hobby. Even though I know there are ten times this many "tim and jere mirror" pictures floating around, these are a few that I could find on my computer. Most of the pictures above were taken by Jere, but I am also guilty for many of the pictures in our little narcissistic indulgence.

What is it about mirrors in photographs that so attracts us? I like to think it's not just because we can see ourselves. Maybe it has to do with our professions. I am a musician and Jere is an architect. And if there are two closer professions, I certainly cannot think of them right now. Architects and musicians both deal primarily with STRUCTURE. It is the basis of our work, and perhaps our tendancy to often take pictures which are 'framed' in solid structure is an insight into how our particular brains are wired.

...Or maybe we just like to look at ourselves.


Anonymous jdawg said...

Very fine, very fine. I ALWAYS like to read about and see myself. At least for me, I agree with the first words on your post, "Jeremiah and I like to take pictures of ourselves..."

Cool pics. GO ME

P.S. Rabbit rabbit.

2/01/2006 7:26 AM  
Anonymous jwas said...

nice blog. i'll read more when i have time/not the day before a project is due. i wish I had a website and a blog.

2/01/2006 7:30 AM  

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