Tim Hinck's thoughts on music and life- There is a lady living across the street from me. She is dying of cancer. I have never seen anyone so full of life and energy. She loves to work outside in the flowers and grass of her yard. I can see her savoring every sunny day... the way she stands up from planting a flower bulb with such satisfaction on her face and claps the dirt from her gloves with resolution. I want to be like that lady.

Location: Schalkwijk, Utrecht, Netherlands

Tuesday, June 06, 2006


. . .my big project for this month is preparing for my final exam at the music Conservatory; hours and hours of practice. but i've decided to take on another major project: converting several design sketches for my BOULDERING website and mapping out the new layout of the photos on the site. [[ www.southernstones.com ]] that's what it looks like now (click the picture -> ), but it's really time to move up a notch to the high standards of todays climbing media. the front page looks good, but the photos in the 'locations' pages just aren't cutting it. i should have the new layout up and running this summer, but the hundreds of new pictures will be slowly posted of the next couple of years. in the end, i should have a cool website very artistic photos of the best bouldering in the southeast. i just can't take on anymore projects this month because these two will take all my time.